We are a group dedicated to making the Northwest Side known as a destination for the arts – literary, performance, visual, culinary, horticultural, and film & video. We identify creative ways to support professional level talent within all six pillars of the arts in a way that distinguishes this quadrant of the city and elevates our image as a lively, vibrant cultural destination. We help people better know our artists through telling their stories so that we can better support them.

We were formed to facilitate the cultural transformation in the Northwest Side of Chicago. NAC is run by a group of grassroots volunteers from all walks of life, age ranges and professionals. We are dedicated to being liaisons between political, cultural and social institutions so that together we revitalize this quadrant of the city.

NAC works within Music, Theatre, Dance and Puppetry, Viewable arts (Painting, Murals, Mosaics, Works on Paper, etc), Tactical arts (Sculpture, Pottery, Glass, etc), Writing and Poetry, as well as Film and Video. NAC also works with local Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafes, Food Stores, Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, and Green Spaces.